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A quick Kotzin and Turner market search tutorial precedes the links.  If you know what you are doing, scroll down and have at it.  Good Luck!

We add a couple of symbols important to writers:
A "P" means that this is a paying market.  Now, this is a little complicated.  Some markets offer awards to the top writers or writer.  Our definition of "paying" is strict.  When we put a "P" on the listing, it means that when you get the acceptance letter, you're going to get money, whether you are number one or ten or whatever on their list.  Paying also means in Dollars, greenbacks, semolians, Pounds, Yen, or any other legal tender.
An "S" means that the market takes simultaneous submissions.
We send you directly to the Submissions Guidelines page listed online and only list markets with submissions guidelines online.  Online guidelines badly out of date or broken links are not included.  We do NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (accidents notwithstanding), list markets that buy ALL RIGHTS.  If one slipped past accidentally, please let us know immediately.
Writers are advised to carefully research markets before submitting.  We make no claims for the veracity of the information contained in each listing.  We'll show you the page, but we may not have had any experience with the market.  Also, please check for changes in the submission policy and let us know if there have been changes in the payment or simultaneous submissions policies since we posted the link.  Please do your homework.  PS - Good Luck!
Miriam and Bill
These pages are under construction.  We hope to be finished soon.

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